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Introducing ResLife Portal

An integrated suite of modern residence life modules.
Screen captures and illustrations of ResLife Portal

Program Proposals

Core Module

Track staff member Program Proposals with an approval workflow to their direct supervisors

Program Evaluations

Core Module

Manage staff member Program Evaluations with an approval workflow to their direct supervisors, as well as resident attendance


Core Module

Monitor resident engagement within your housing community, including 1-on-1 interactions with residents.

Resident Milestones

Core Module

Automatically see which residents are most engaged across program attendance and interactions.

Duty Schedule

Core Module

Communicate your staff duty schedule is a centralized location.

Program Categories

Core Module

Track the thematic categories of your residence life community.

Program Models

Add-On Module

Associate specific combinations of thematic categories to zones of residents and staff members (per building/hall).

Curriculum Plans

Add-On Module

Assign thematic categories to staff members, with each plan having a specific due date.

Duty Logs

Add-On Module

Digitally record Daily Logs and Rounds, as well as Weekly Logs.


Add-On Module

Track mentorship between staff members and provide a journal for their notes.


Add-On Module

Track on-going staff training. Allow staff to submit in-service training, or take attendance of staff at training sessions.

Visitor Logs

Add-On Module

Check-in resident visitors. Check-out resident visitors (optional). Track resident visitors frequency.

Room Lockouts

Add-On Module

Track lockouts by resident and by room.

Roommate Agreements

Add-On Module

Digitally record roommate agreements for your residents.

Room Condition Records

Add-On Module

Monitor room condition records of each resident and their room across move-in and move-out.

Resident Assessments

Add-On Module

Send assessment surveys to residents before and/or after programs. Create polls for residents to gauge their interests.

Staff Selection

Add-On Module

Multiple workflows for student applicants of residence life roles. Schedule applicant interviews.

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3 common ways to configure the ResLife Portal:

ResLife Portal has helped us know what our students are feeling and talking about. The ResLife Portal team has helped make their software a good fit for our curriculum. Two thumbs up!
Alan J. C. Jones
Assistant Director for Residence Life, KU Student Housing
University of Kansas

Management Tools

Streamlined Processes

Compiled Insights

Web-based access
across devices

Powerful, Meaningful Insights

both Qualitative and Quantitative

Programming: Proposals to Evaluations

  • Residential Life staff can submit proposals for programs they are planning.
  • Supervisors can review evaluations with the ability to approve or return for modifications.
  • After a program has been hosted, staff can easily use the approved program proposal as a starting point for drafting their program evaluation.
  • Program Evaluations may also be submitted for approval without the need of a previously approved program proposal.
  • Each residence life staff member can track their individual progress towards completing expected programming categories.
  • For each submitted program proposal, your staff members will receive an email reminder approximately three (3) days prior to event date. The reminder will also indicate the approval status of their proposal. [Note: this feature is available only with Paid Subscription plans]
Program Proposals and Program Evaluations - Track Performance
Resident Engagement

Focused on Resident Engagement

  • Note and track conversations and 1-on-1 interactions with residents from any web-enabled device.
  • Based on approved program evaluations and recorded resident attendance, view automated insights and statistics on resident involvement in your residence life programming.
  • Administrators can view which programs and events residents have attended.
  • Over time, you can see if the level of engagement, per resident, has increased.
  • Staff Members can note each individual interaction with residents.
  • Set milestone levels for residents, then view a dynamically generated leader board of your most engaged residents. Also, when viewing the details of a specific resident, see which milestone levels they have achieved.
  • Track Student Learning Outcomes / Objectives, using our Program Models: Sub-Categories module (an add-on module available for paid subscriptions).

Resident Assessment Surveys & Polls

New as of Summer 2018:

  • Create general surveys for residents
  • Create pre-assessment surveys for residents and link the assessment to a Program Proposal
  • Create post-assessment surveys for residents and link the assessment to a Program Evaluation
  • Create staff member (resident assistant) evaluation surveys
  • Create move-out information gathering surveys
  • Assessments can have a defined time duration (start date and end date)
  • Create student forms using general surveys, such as for Holiday Stay Over, Exam Extension Requests, Room Change Requests, Student Club Elections, and/or Students' Emergency Details (emergency contacts, need-to-know medical / allergy information , and/or other concerns).
  • Option to send a link to surveys by email or text message (SMS, additional fees apply at $0.10 per SMS)

Resident Assessments is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

Resident Assessments
Staff Selection, Applications, & Interviews

Staff Selection, Applications, & Interviews

  • Flexible to handle applications for new resident assistants, returning resident assistants, senior resident assistants, and even, student main office staff.
  • Custom create questions for applications.
  • Digitally record recommendations for each applicant.
  • Manage the process to schedule applicants and interviewers for interviews.
  • Staff Selection workflow to assign candidates to staff placement.
  • Generate six (6) different reports to track and manage the selection and application process.
  • Option to notify applicants of their scheduled interview sessions by sending an email or text message (SMS, additional fees apply at $0.10 per SMS)

Staff Selection is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

Reports and Data Visualization

  • Over 40 ready-to-use reports (included with all modules and add-on modules activated).
  • Staff members are empowered to view real-time reports and data visualization as a representation of their progress towards completing expectations.
  • Administrators can view real-time reports and data visualization of how their staff is performing.
  • Reports are automatically updated as program evaluations are submitted by staff members and approved by their direct supervisors.

Some examples of reports you can easily generate include:

  • Program Evaluations Report: Monthly Attendance by Program Category
  • Program Proposals and Evaluations Report: Qualitative list of program descriptions
    [Note: this feature is available only with Paid Subscription plans]
  • Program Proposals and Evaluations Report: Monthly Staff Counts
  • Program Evaluations: Pulse Report (including funding spent per programming category, and funding spent per attendee per programming category)
  • Program Categories: Monthly Counts
  • Staff Member Funding (report of total spent for each program evaluation, for each staff member)
  • Resident Report: Qualitative list of 1-on-1 Interactions
    [Note: this feature is available only with Paid Subscription plans]
  • Resident Report: Total Attendance/Points by Resident
  • Resident Report: Low Engagement Level
  • Resident Milestones: Leader Board
Reports and Data Visualization

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Mobile-friendly screen captures of ResLife Portal

Spend More Time with Your Residents

And let the ResLife Portal do the rest.

Reduce Printing

Go Green. Sustainability and Efficiency

  • Reduce the number of documents needed to be printed and go green!
  • Administrators are able to upload documents (file types allowed are: .doc, .xls, .pub, .pdf, .jpg, .png and .gif) to be displayed on the Dashboard as downloadable resources.
  • Website links can also be posted to serve as resources for staff members.


  • Industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used to increase security of your data.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (optional for each user account)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via Shibboleth or Google Accounts (optional for Paid Subscription Plans)
On the Cloud

On the Cloud

  • As a web-based system, ResLife Portal is hosted and delivered over the Internet to your institution.
  • No hardware, software or dedicated IT personnel needed.
  • Whenever we add new features to the modules you have selected (based on your subscription plan and add-on options), they are automatically available to you as part of your membership subscription.
Gauge Experience

Monitor Program Funding & Expenditures

  • You have the option to set the yearly funding budget for each staff member.
  • As your staff plan programs, they can monitor their remaining balance.
  • Administrators can generate funding reports to see where dollars have been spent.
Resident Rooms of Concern

Resident Rooms of Concern

  • Track notes and mood on rooms, including rooms of concern with a five-level color indicator (Concern, Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good).
  • As soon as a note with a mood set to "Concern" is recorded by a staff member, the staff member's supervisor is sent an email.
  • Generate a report of Rooms of Concern.


  • Staff can tag program proposals and program evaluations
  • Staff can add tags to Resident records to indicate their interests
  • Management can browse across program proposals, program evaluations, and residents by a combination of tags.
Duty Schedule and Calendar of Programs

Duty Schedule and Calendar of Events

  • Create a digital duty schedule. For each building, indicate which staff members are available during each night of duty.
  • Allow staff to inform each other of programs and events they are planning through the Calendar Module.
  • At the creation of each program proposal, staff members can opt-in to have the program automatically added to the calendar, once the proposal is approved.

Room Condition Records
and Room Lockouts

  • Management can configure condition types and room items (including the damage cost for each item).
  • Staff can add initial room inspections for move-in
  • At the end of the academic term, Staff can perform the move-out room inspections.
  • Track the occurrences of room lockouts by resident and by room.

Room Conditions Records and Room Lockouts, each are an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

Roommate Agreements

Roommate Agreements

  • Comprehensive roommate agreement form spans topics from Living Together, Communication, Sleep Hours, Study Hours, Guests, Hygiene, Cleaning, Personal Items, and more.
  • Configuration options for residents to create a roommate agreement or for RA staff to create roommate agreements when meeting with their residents.
  • Option for residents to acknowledge each section of the agreement.

Roommate Agreements is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

Duty Logs

Duty Logs

  • Digitally track Daily Logs and Nightly Rounds from any web-enabled device.
  • Associate Daily Logs to Duty Schedule
  • Option to track Weekly Logs from staff members

Duty Logs is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.



  • Create mentorship pairings between staff members.
  • Provide a digital journal for mentors and mentees to log their notes
  • Automatically see a list of programs planned by the pair

Mentors is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.



  • Track on-going staff training
  • Allow staff to submit in-service training
  • Take attendance of staff at in-service training sessions

In-Services is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

Visitor Logs

Visitor Logs

  • Check-in resident visitors
  • Check-out resident visitors (optional)
  • Track resident visitors frequency
  • Option to notify residents of their visitors by sending an email or text message (SMS, additional fees apply at $0.10 per SMS)

Visitor Logs is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions.

We are regularly working on new features and enhancements!

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